Developmental Content Edit  - $1 per page


Developmental notes will focus on a number of things including but not limited to: plot, characterization, world-building (especially for fantasy and scifi), structure, consistency of voice, and dialogue. This critique alone is not meant to finalize your draft, but to provide a fresh set of eyes regarding the overall quality of your content. 
This translates roughly to $250-$325 for a 60-80k novel.
Copy / Line Editing - $2-3 per page


This type of edit focuses specifically on grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word choice. I will make appropriate changes using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word, and use the margin notation feature to highlight any change that requires a choice on your part. After you have reviewed my initial changes and made any final alterations of your own, I will read through the manuscript a final time to polish out any remaining errors.
Each project is different, and so too the amount of time necessary to edit. I will look at your piece and quote an exact price before I begin. Typically, this falls between fall between $500-$1000 for a 60-80k novel. Authors of short stories and MG are welcome to combine works to meet the minimum total.
Full Edit - $3-4 per page


This includes both developmental and copy/line editing. 

Editing Services

Whether you plan to publish on your own or submit to industry experts, you do not want to hit send until you have the best possible version of your work on the page. To this end, I offer writers in any stage of storymaking the opportunity to receive focused critique and editorial feedback.
For more information about my qualifications, please see the About page. To discuss your project and ask any questions you might have, contact me here.